Spring Is Here! Here are Some Helpful To Get Your Summer Ready!


Time to brush off winter and get your home ready to enjoy all summer long. Here are some tips to help get your home ready for those summer days! 


+ Clean gutters & downspouts after last frost has passed.

+ Check and remove any standing water from around your home to prevent mosquitoes i.e. birdbaths and such.

+ Inspect roof for missing shingles from winter storms, damaged metal pipes or anything that doesn’t look right. No need for a ladder! Use binoculars or zoom on your handy dandy camera phone.

+ Change air filter. Check A/C hose connection for leaks, vacuum off dust and clean unit.

+ Check all pipe & hose connections, i.e. washing machine hose for cracks, bulges or dampness.

+ Have dryer vent cleaned out.

+ Spring Clean windows- inside & out- a great homemade cleaner is 1 cup rubbing alcohol, one cup water and a tablespoon of white wine vinegar.

+ Check screen doors & windows for rips from winter storms. Home Depot has easy DIY screen repair kits.

+ Rake the lawn to remove any branch from winter storms or missed leaves from the fall.

+ Check basement concrete walls for cracks. Cracks start bottom up, look at the start (bottom) of any crack for water that could be coming in from outside and properly seal.